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What is Crowd Speaking?

Do you share stuff on the social media?

And what is the reaction that you get – a couple of likes, some tweets and a few shares on Google+ … and what exactly happens to those shares?

They get lost in the noise!

Crowd Speaking is the method by which you can amplify your message so that those tweets or shares or likes are not posted randomly, as and when. Rather they are stored in the system and sent out all at once when you want, on the scheduled day, at the same time – automatically.

Thus it makes a blast on the social timeline and you finally get heard by others. Your message reaches the masses.

If the social reach of your campaign is huge you might even get your hashtag to trend on the social media.

How Crowd Speaking Helps

With Crowd Speaking, you can get social support for your Crowd Funding campaigns.
Following are the Top CrowdFunding sites for which you can get support via Crowd Speaking.

Choose Your Plan


Support other campaigns on Guest Crew. Earn Credits. Use those credits to start your own Campaign.

$ 0.00

Community Package
Always Free!

  • Gaurenteed Review
  • Full Guest Crew Community Support
  • Promoted via Guest Crew Channels
  • Goes to the Guest Crew Homepage
  • Embed Campaign Widget

Choose Plan

Small Crew

This is the 1st Paid Plan of Guest Crew. Choose it if you want additional promotions.

$ 100

Small Crew
Basic Paid Promotions

  • Gaurenteed Under 24 Hours Review
  • Paid Promotion on Facebook
  • Promotion on Guest Crew Network
  • Promotion via. Guest Crew Newsletter
  • Embed Campaign Widget

Choose Plan

Large Crew

Best in class paid promotion package, includes promotion via. the extended Guest Crew network.

$ 250

Large Crew
Pro Paid Promotion

  • All Features of Previous Packages
  • Paid Promotion on Facebook, twitter, Linkedin
  • Featured Campaign Spot on Homepage
  • Full List of Supporters
  • Featured Promotions on Guest Crew Network

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Join Guest Crew for FREE with one of your social accounts.
Easily create a campaign to share your message.

Share the campaign link and get your campaign supported!
Your message will be shared by all supporters!
All Campaigns goes live even if you fail to reach minimum support.

And Get More Features

  • Best in Class Support

  • 24 Hour Approvals

  • Guest Crew Networking Promotion

  • Guest Crew Community Support

  • Social Media Connectivity

  • Plenty of Categories

  • Global Exposure

  • Multiple Funding Methods

  • Genuine backers

  • Guest Crew gives back

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